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A large part of maintaining a landscape is mowing the lawn. This is a service that we provide our client’s who have signed up for a complete landscape maintenance package.
*Mowing services full

Weed control in lawns

Spring and fall broadleaf herbicide services. 

Organic Lawn Fertilization

Our organic fertilizer consists of 4 elements.

  • Turfmaster, which is the NPK part of the solution. This is what most conventional fertilizer is.
  • Lot 148
  • Iron
  • Seaweed Cream

Core Aeration

Core aeration helps alleviate compaction, allows oxygen to reach the root system of your grass, & allows naturally occurring microbes to reach and decrease the thatch layer of our lawn. 

Leaf clean-up

Leaf clean-up is an essential part of sanitation in a landscape. Many insects and pathogens can overwinter in your leaf litter. By cleaning the leaf litter up in the fall, you can drastically reduce the amount of these insects and pathogens that can harm your plants. As we all know, the Gallatin Valley’s fall season is variable. Sometimes our snow fall comes before our leaves have all fallen off the trees. 

Perennial bed maintenance

This involves removing and keeping unwanted plant material (weeds, grass, etc) out of your perennial beds. It also includes thinning and transplanting of perennials flowers and ornamental grasses, deadheading of perennial flowers in order to promote root health, & fall perennial and ornamental grass cut downs. 

Annual Pot and Planter design, install, and maintenance

This includes the design and planting of your annual flowerpots and planters. It also includes the maintenance of them through out the season. Our annual flower growing season is quite short. So, consistent deadheading and fertilizing is a must if you want big, full, beautiful flowers. 

Soil sampling and testing

Having the proper nutrients for our plants is essential. The soil is where these nutrients are held. If our clients notice an issue with the growth of their landscape plants, and we determine that it isn’t an insect or pathogen issue, the next step is to look at the soil. Is it deficient in micro or macro nutrients? If there enough organic matter? Is there a build-up of salt in the soil? These are all questions that can be answered by simply collecting a soil sample from your landscape and sending it in to be tested.

Soil conditioning

Once we have the results of these test, we then offer the subsequent actions needed to fix your soil issue. 

Winter Arrangements

Once our freezing overnight temps end the annual pot and planter season, don’t fret. We offer beautiful, winter arrangements using the natural landscape plants in our area.