Mandys Tree Care

Tree Care

Tree & shrub pruning

Our Certified Arborists provide the proper pruning techniques to your Landscape trees in order to maintain their health, structural integrity, and aesthetics. 

Tree & shrub removal

We safely and efficiently remove undesired, unsafe, and dead or diseased trees and shrubs. 

Hedge trimming

We offer hedge trimming services that keep your privacy hedges in shape. It helps promote new growth, keeps your hedges contained, and helps add curb appeal to your property.  

Deep Root Tree Injections

This is a service we offer to our clients in the spring. It involves injecting a formula into the root zone of the soil in order to promote root growth. The soils in our area tend to be high in alkalinity, with causes essential nutrients to be tied up and unavailable to our tree’s roots. Our specialized formula is an organic product that contains natural microbes and added Humega, a form of Humic Acid. The Humega aids in the conversion of fertilizer to complex nutrients and increases micronutrient availability. 

Animal Protection

We are lucky enough to live in an area where we get to share our landscapes with the natural wildlife. But as you may know, the wildlife can cause great harm to our landscapes. We offer fencing & trunk protection against deer and elk. The trunk protection also prevents Vole damage and winter sunscald.